Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home at Last

Last day in Berlin
Free at last free at last! Ok, not completely. We are living at home with the parents and while we don't have the repressive curfew or dress code, it is odd to bum money off of them and live with their way of life again. On the plus side- free room and board! That means a lot after a year of poverty in Berlin and 3o some days of living on the lamb across Europe. Thanks p's!
As for home, we were told to expect awkwardness. To expect home to feel a bit different and have friends and family not quite understand the experience. While all the words and pictures and videos give a glimpse, it is true that nothing can truly convey the experience. The excitement, the agony, the stress, the joy, the complete stepping out of everything we have ever known. I guess a picture doesn't capture Everything.

But at the same time....home is home. I cried when we got off the plane. It was such an emotional punch to see the trees and water out of our tiny airplane window and feel that we were truly back in the great Northwest. To anxiously push through the doors into the waiting room with our 4 huge bags each and see all of our family waiting for us- how could it not be touching? And for everyone who came out at Bob's Burgers, it was wonderful to see everyone (all you Seattle people better step it up when we get back to the city and have our "house-warming party").

The most strange thing is that it really does still feel like home. We miss the happening-ness of Berlin and the exoticness of striving out & doing our thing, but to drive down these roads, wake up to the wood fire, and ride my horse the commercials say "priceless".

Now we are working on jobs and apartments and far from being a chore - it's exciting. We are back on the expected road (who knows for how long) and it feels like a new adventure. That's all I want, really, new adventures. It's good to be back.

More about how this whole PorterBalls adventure has happened.


Sharon B said...

Welcome home you two. I'm so glad to see that you'll be continuing your blog. I've really enjoyed reading it and seeing your pictures. Hope you both have an easy time in the job hunt and the perfect apartment opens up for you. Glad you're both home.

~ cheryl said...

. . . . and it is so wonderful to have you back home. We are still finding your new stories and experiences to be utterly captivating. And seeing you and being able to hug you is a wonderful daily experience.

~ mum

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008