Missing Seattle

Seattle Needle
The Needle

I love Berlin, but looking at pictures of Seattle makes me miss it so bad it hurts. Our family, friends, animals, old haunts, and Mexican food. We really miss Mexican food (a specialty of Ian's hometown in Yakima).

We can't share the fam, friends, & pets with you, but I can share some of our favorite places & things below, and in my contributions for Catch Seattle.

eternal work in progress...

Christmas Lights Seattle
Pacific Science Center at Christmas

See & Do - Seattle

    Seattle Market Pig
  • Pike Place Market - Legendary (I have a tile!)
  • Archie McPhee - Awesome crap. You need a ninja place mats. Our review
  • Seattle Art Museum -Look out for Free thursdays.
  • Hammering Man - Loved it when he got his ball & chain. Too bad the artist didn't
  • Freemont Troll - Funky neighborhood of Fremont has all sorts of funky stuff like this massive troll under the bridge
  • University of Washington -  The school is beautiful, and the Ave is the place to eat. Go to the quad in the spring when the cherry trees are blossoming.
  • Sounders - Doesn't match up to Europe, but gotta admire the fervor
  • Space Needle - Tourist Trap - yes. Stunningly beautiful - yes. 
  • Olympic Sculpture Park - Is it a rollerblade? Is that a real tree? Love it! Some of the best real estate in the city for views.
  • Arboretium - the BEST thing about Seattle summer. Walkways over the lake and through the woods. Illegal to swim off some of the little beaches, but do it anyway
  • Colman Pool - Wonderful salt water pool in West Seattle. Completely worth the hike with an amazing view of the Sound
  • Seahawks - One time, we got to the Super bowl. It was awesome. 
  • Mount Rainier - The perfect mountain with great hikes 
  • Seattle Public Library - This feat of glass and modern architecture is something to see with constant free events 
  • P-Patch - Seattle is a run by old hippies. Do yourself a favor & get involved Sunset on Seattle
  • Magnuson Park -  Some creepy military complex is here, but what's it great for is a giant dogpark and swimming on the rare hot days
  • Pacific Science Center - Imax, the interactive museum, and the fountain.
  • The Garage - Bowling alley on First Hill that is funkily done with great happy hours.
  • Alki Beach/West Seattle - Spectacular views of the city and a totally different beachy feel. When it's not raining. Our review
  • Woodland Park Zoo - Annual membership is like $40. Invest in happiness.
  • Farmers Markets - always too expensive, but how can you resist fresh produce and local goods. 
  • Golden Gardens Park - Always good for a sandy BBQ & some local beers. 
  • EMP- Some people consider this building as an abomination. I think it's shiny. And pretty neato. A bit expensive, but theres usually some coupons out there.
  • Graffiti - Irreverent, subversive and playful. Look out for Seattle graffiti
  • Georgetown -Formerly industrial neighborhood that is getting cooler all the time. We loved it so much, we got married there.
  • MOHAI - The toe truck is here! Plus lotsa other cool stuff
  • The Museum of Flight - Home of Boeing, you used to be able to visit. Sadly, that is no longer possible (unless you've got an in like with my dad - in which case do anything you can to visit cuz it is impressive!), but you can go here and explore the history, mechanics, and an actual Air Force One 7 Concorde.
  • Seattle water sunset
    The Sound
    Ballard Locks - Any Washingtonian worth their salt has been going to the locks since infancy. It is where we watch our pride & joy, salmon, bravely make their way up the fish ladder to spawn. It keeps you connected to the fabulous nature of the NW and in tune with our ecosystem. Best way to see them is if you can score a ride on a boat & ride through. Check them out in the opening of our Seattle to Berlin House Hunters International episode!
  • Mariners Baseball Game - Even though I am not a baseball fan, the stadium is beautiful, tickets are cheap, and numerous bars with happy hours lead to game.  Our review

 Outside of Seattle

  • NW Brewery Tour - one of the things we miss most about beautiful Seattle is the range of delightful microbreweries. Have one for us!
  • San Juan Islands - This lovely island chain offers something for the nature lover, bike rider, wild child in all of us. Bonus: Ride on a Washington State Ferry! Our review
  • Spokane - Way out east on the Idaho border, you usually only go here if you have to. We went as a base for visiting Silverwood theme park and found a lot to love. Our review
  • Leavenworth - This quirky town in the cascade mountains is the perfect day trip from the city (as well as the East side). What makes it unusual? It's styled after a Bavarian village complete with food & Oktoberfest. Our review
  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Just over the border from Spokane, this lakeside resort town has more to offer than just condos.
Rainbow girl


Eat & Drink: Seattle

  • Beths Cafe - Home of the 12 egg omelet (featured on Man v. Food) and delectable chocolate/peanut butter shakes. Hipsters, families, slackers unite! Our pics of Beth's, plus bonus Ian's 30th/Seattle QuinceaƱera
  • Stellar Pizza - Seriously good pizza in a wonderfully cluttered environment in Georgetown
  • 9 lb Hammer - Shuffleboard & peanuts
  • The Dish - My favorite brunch spot with great coffee & lotsa hot sauce
  • Smokin Pete's - BBQ so good, we had them cater our wedding.
  • Paseo - Caribbean sandwich shop gone wild. This place is super popular, so come early before they
    cuban sandwich
    run out of bread.
  • Po Dog - Extremely inventive hot dog combos
  • TACO TRUCKS - Take your pick. We love them all.
  • Mama's Mexican Kitchen - Tacky & inauthentic, try the Elvis
  • Big Time Brewery - Ave brewery that makes you feel like a grown-up
  • Aladdin Gyro-Cery - Their anti-Israel propaganda can't distract from their awesome gyros.
  • The Pike - Excellent location next to the market and unique brews like the Naughty Nellie
  • Manny's - Legendary Seattle beer brewed in Georgetown. Only available on tap.
  • Mac n' Jac - Ebe's favorite beer, also only available on tap.
    Fancy hot dog wasabi
    Po Dog Wasabi
  • Hazelwood - Tiny bar in Ballard serves the perfect drink including my favorite - the dark & stormy
  • La Carta de Oaxaca - This Mexican restaurant offers food from the Oaxaca region, including a mind-blowing mole
  • People's Pub - Faux German, but full good times in Ballard.
    Our pics, plus bonus Ian's 30th/Seattle QuinceaƱera
  • Linda's  - Fits Capitol Hills gay vibe, but more importantly has an awesome deck
    Deli Seattle
  • Owl'n Thistle -  Best dive bar downtown. Free hot dogs on Sounders game days & amazing soda bread
  • Dick's - This local fast food favorite makes the food on premise, offers college scholarships for it's workers, and has the name. Our review
  • Salumi - This place has ridiculous hours because they don't need you. Mario Batali's family runs this shop of artisan meats. Ian & I took a day off work to go here. Our reviewGerman Pub Seattle
  • The 5 Spot - Queen Anne's best restaurant that changes themes (meaning menu, deco) seasonally
  • Tat's Delicatesson - Real Philly cheese steak (I have no idea what they're like in Philly, but these are awesome)
  • Bottleworks - Beer store with offerings from around the world with tasting.
  • Trophy Cupcakes - Beautiful. Delicious. Cupcakes. 
  • Costco Dog - This giant actually started in Kirkland. Not that the dogs are any better than anywere else, but oh I love a Costco hot dog
  • Triangle Pub - Before or after the game, or both, you'll end up in this tiny triangle shaped bar.
  • The Sloop - Dive bar to best all dive bars. Order your beer "Slooper-sized" & play big game hunter
  • Tom Douglas - Go to one of his restaurants. Or all of them. Amazingly well-priced happy hour.  
  • Full Tilt -  A great reason to visit South Seattle, this ice cream shop is Amazeballs
  • Roxy's Diner - Delicious Jewish style diner
  • Fierabend -  One of three authentic German bars in Seattle, and this one serves great food
  • Smarty Pants - Bomb sandwiches & brew in Georgetown 
  • Borracchini's Bakery - A legendary bakery using the tradition of Italian baking.
  • Poppy - Do like Indian thalis? Do you like Jerry Traunfeld (Top Chef Masters)? This place is my fancy dining/happy hour lovenest.
  • Molly Moon's Ice Cream - Super hip (& hipster infested) shop with amazing fusions
    Huge Cinnamon Bun
    Maltby cinnamon bun
  • Jules Mae Saloon - uneven service, but the food here is...holy cow. And I am a bit obsessed with the wallpaper
  • Maltby Cafe - Not that close to Seattle, but a favorite as it is on the backroads to my family home outside of the city. No reservations, always a wait, and cinnamon rolls the size of your head.

NW Breweries

If you like to do what we like to do, you'll love visiting some of Western Washington's best breweries: WA Brewery Tour

Seattle Resources

Seattle waterfront
Mount Rainier

Seattle baseball

Seattle Seahawks
Ballard bar
Go to the Sloop. Have a ridiculous time
Nude Parade
Summer Solstice

Seattle Soccer

Taco Truck
Tile Pike Place
My tile in Pike Place Market

Triangle Pub

Seattle Weird Sites
Fremont Troll

Lake December
Woodland Park Square


Peanut butter chocolate shake
Beth's Cafe

Capitol Hill

Duo Rock out Guitar
Seattle Ferris wheel
Fun Forrest & needle


Graffiti Wall
Seattle Ferry
Seattle from the ferry

International Beer Fest

Seattle toe truck

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Eileen said...

I enjoyed visiting Seattle. the Space Needle may be a tourist trap but still so worth it. :D

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008