Monday, October 26, 2009


Wow. That was awesome.

Just got back late last night from the honeymoon & have been on the run again all day. Really cannot thank everyone enough for their time, laughter, and generosity. It made what we think was an incredible event better than perfect. Thank you all!

San Francisco was amazing. I, had the best of intentions that i was going to update the blog as we go & track down the video, but that is all a little hard when you are a few states away on your honeymoon. And we ended up being crazy busy doing some crazy fun stuff. Alcatraz, Wharf, Aquarium, Mission District, the Castro, many meals & happy hours!, MOMA, AT&T Park, cable cars, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, and so many others. It was bizarre to stay in one place & really see, if not it all, a lot.

Can't wait to see the photos & finished video myself & post it for all of you that have expressed interest. Thank you again & may every day be as interesting as these crazy days have been.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank YOU!!!

The wedding was incredible. We are now Mann und Frau and couldn't be happier! I have had a permanent smile for about 29 1/2 hours now and my cheeks are starting to hurt- not that I am complaining. For weeks now I have had insane urges to yell out from my car & shout at strangers that I am marrying Ian Porter! I can't say that has entirely went away yet, I am so excited to be the latest Mrs. Porter.

Thank you to all who came & sent their warm wishes. We hoped for everyone to have fun and I truly believe that goal was met. It was amazing to see the smiles on so many people we love. Especially the smiles that graced the faces of our parents. Without their help and support this event could not have happened, and without their individual styles, opinions, and personalities it would not have been half the epic event that is was.

I have been tempted to speak at several of the events leading up to this wedding but am so glad I kept my best material to myself until the wedding. For those of you that missed it, and for commemorative sake, here is a bit of paraphrasing:

"I never would have thought that all the random things that have come up in my life could result in the wonderfulness that is happening right now. I am so lucky to have you all in my life!

I used to be so jealous of Ian. He is so lucky! I plan and prepare and things get messed up all the time. Ian does something on a whim and it all works out perfect. But the more time I spend with him, I realize it is not luck. He is just such a wonderful person and people want to make things work for him. I don't know anyone who has met Ian and not instantly loved him. I am so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with someone like him.

I have led an amazing life. There are so many wonderful things I have done and great people I have met. But this, right now, is the best day of my life. This is the best day ever. I love you Ian."

I knew that I had done well when I saw Ian shed a tear.

Pictures can be found HERE, but  I wanted to share the awesome video our friend Phil helped us to create. Thank you Phil! Everyone- thank you!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nervous Much?

I'm actually doing quite well at the moment, considering I'm the kind of guy who might as well take up lodgings in the bathroom at this stage of things.

It must be the fact that it's kind of hard to grip the fact that the wedding is only two days away. It's been such a build-up, and then all of a sudden, WHAM! It's gonna hit me right in the face.

Despite a bit of anxiousness, spirits are quite high. Our nights have been filled with finishing up the last few details, as well as finishing up a couple big projects.

Currently Ebe is sitting in front of the TV, listening to Project Runway (lucky me), peeling labels off of beer bottles. I know you're asking yourself why would she be doing that... well, you'll see soon!

Myself, I have been grooving to some tunes while I compile music from all over the place... internet, cd's, external hard drives, the ghost of Michael Jackson. The finished project is gonna be kickass, and you'll be sure to groove all night long... all night!

Well, I best get back to the grind and slay this dragon so we can all have an enjoyable time Saturday. Thanks again for everyone who's helped and to all of you who are coming. We cant' wait to see you!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dancing Dancing Dancing

Oh man- We're alive! Bachelor/ette parties went off this weekend without a hitch. Ian's boys showed him a boozy view of the city with a mariners game, bars, sports games, a German themed beer drinking event, and a night in a fine hotel. Ian will have to tell more about this weekend long extravaganza.

As for myself, the night started like this:

And ended like this.
Lingerie party (awesome gifts from all of you!), drinks, party games, marking tasks off my fabulous bachelorette t-shirt, bars, crazy taxi rides, and DANCING at Neighbors on Capitol Hill. I was able to provide some amusement to everyone and not completely embarrass myself. Mission accomplished.

I still can't get over how bizarre to be the entitled bimbo for the night. From the moment I showed up Crystal & Emily were the dream team of bachelorette pampering. From the awesome EBE sign crystal put together to the delicious spread of delicacies (including a chocolate fountain!) I was super impressed and so happy to have them as friends. All night I just got to drink, chat, laugh, and dance. Responsibilities away! That, in of itself, was a pleasure.

A huge shout out of appreciation to everyone who came to our parties and an extra thank you to everyone who put them together. You guys are AWESOME!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Holy schnikeys!!! The month of the wedding has arrived. With a little over 2 weeks to go, we still have a ton of stuff to get done.

One interesting thing just happened Monday... Ebe and I celebrated our last "anniversary" on the 28th. From now on out, it's gonna be on the 17th and an official anniversary! Too crazy.

We also have a favor to ask our wedding guests. We have a few cool picture ideas, and we were hoping you could bring an umbrella. The more colorful and crazy the better! Thanks in advance.

Also our nights of debauchery are almost upon us. Our wedding party has been hard at work planning our bachelor and bachelorette parties. I'm completely in the dark about what is going to be happening for mine, but Ebe has had a little more hands on experience with hers. All I know is that Monday is not going to be a fun day... :(

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's get FIT

For the first time in our lives we each have a piece of clothing tailored to fit! Ian finally found a pretty sweet suit at K&G Superstore and we just dropped off the pants to be tailored. When asking what alterations the pants needed, the tailor explained

"We make them fit."
"ah, yes. What exactly do you need to do to do that?"
"We will make them fit."

Ok sir. We trust these pants to your capable hands & cross our fingers!

As for my dress, despite the already adventurous life it is led, it is now getting a splash of color, a hemline, and a tightening of the bodice. Viola! Dream dress.

We are going to be looking gooooooooooooood!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Proper Wedding Prost

Less then a month left and we are running to get it all done! Every day another thing gets crossed off the why does it keep getting longer?

The last 2 Oktoberfests were spent at the real Oktoberfest in Munich, but this year we are celebrating Fremont style.

Less Oktoberfest-y then huge beer festival, we are happy to return. And one thing seems the same- the rain :(.

 Last night we volunteered at the fest & were regaled with all the sorts of drunk that Seattle can pull out! Impressive. This is possibly the greatest people watching experience ever as we pulled taps, took tokens, and chatted with Oktoberfest's finest!

Who knows what tonight will bring, (ok- we have some idea: drinking, laughing, drinking, lederhosen-wearing, drinking MADNESS) but this does bring up the issue of Prost!

German for "Cheers", we plan to have a lot of clinking of glasses at the wedding. Only a few people are forced to make a speech (here's looking at you Matt!), but for anyone who wants to say a few words- please go ahead. We would love to hear all the nice things you have to say to us!

To toast properly, try doing it German style. Germans are serious about Prost-ing. To do it right, you must shout "Prost!", look the others in the in the eye as you clink glases, and take a gulp of your beer. And when they say look in the eye- they're serious. To miss this means 7 years bad sex - something no German we met was willing to risk.

So at the wedding, please feel free to raise a glass, say a few words, look us in the eye, and PROST!

To read more about the real Oktoberfest in Munich

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gold jacket, green jacket....

Why did the lord have to bless me with being such a full figured young lad?

We spent much of Saturday cruising downtown and Northgate's department stores looking for a snazzy suite. Oh there were plenty, just not in my size. Once we did find a suit that was big enough, it was either: a) The ugliest piece of shit you've ever seen, or b) The most expensive thing you've ever seen.

We also got a taste of the many different customer service styles out there. Most were fine, some horrible, and some supreme. Macy's unfortunately was lacking this department. They didn't even give us the time of day when we were looking around. Oh, and that they can't order larger sizes is something I find hard to believe.

No surprise at all that Nordstrom's had the best around. The guy was a pimp daddy. Asked us what we were looking for, picked out a suit that fit right away, told us where to find them, and then gave us some room to parooze. Very nice. Very classy. Too expensive.

Unfortunately my best option was found at the Men's Warehouse. Think of it as a car dealership, but instead of hocking cars, they're hocking suits... fun times. We found a pretty sweet brown suit, but the ginger helping us was annoying to say the lease. Goddamn it, I don't need a second suit for only $100 or those overpriced ties. So why don't you let us talk amongst ourselves and piss right off! Good thing Ebe and I can speak German. Let's just say it's fun having a "secret" language.

Oh, and one more thing, though a little off subject. Here's another hotel option for people coming from out of town. It's located in Queen Anne, and is perfect for exploring Seattle Center and downtown. Also should be only about a 15 minute ride to the venue.... oh so tempting.

The Mediterranean Inn

Monday, September 7, 2009


The Saga of the Post continues with a few invites continue to sporadically returned, charged extra for, and just general randomness. Apologies to anyone who had difficulty getting there invite!

We presented our "minister", Travis, with his certificate of Ordination from The Church of Latter-Day Dudes. Yes- that's right, like The Big Lebowski's Dude. Anyone else interested in this enlightening following or also wanting to become a "Dude", check out

Yesterday we had another trip to the Ballroom, this time with our lovely photographer Craige. Lay-outs were mapped out, tables were contemplated, and updates observed. Jerry, our venue operator, was invaluable as always showing us recent upgrades. So much to consider!Defintly would have anyone questioning an elopemnet...

BUT we are in too deep and really looking forward to a fun-filled, surprising, lovely day. Let us catch our breath and we will see you in literally no time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

And the winner is...


First RSVP is back & Mr. Matthews is the winner. Safe to say, no one had bet on him. But as Ian said, "He was the fraternity president...he has to be organized". Thanks Blake & looking forward to seeing your RSVPs soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Invites are almost out!

They are coming folks! Invites will be out within the week and then we hope to hear back from everyone by September 10th. Getting close!

WATCH OUT! Here they come...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Year of Parties

We have been thinking, dreaming, wondering what our wedding day would be like for over 1 1/2 years now. In this last year the heat has been on with some very good friends getting married. Their weddings have been truly exceptional. So particular to the couple, really different, & really fun. While we knew we could put on a event that represented us and was equally exceptional, it is crazy to finally take on the task. It means so much to us- we are getting married!

Last month's engagement party was so wonderful! Greg, granny, & Andy really went all decorationing the yard and neighbors have been talking ever since. The p's supplied some extra alchohol. And we were so thankful to everyone who supplied a gift (completely unnecessarily & super sweet). We had an amzing night and could not believe how swiftly the night passed and how hard it was to talk to everyone. So sorry if we missed anyone! We had a great time and hope you did too. Ella- that game was ridiculous. And Uncle Gene- nice legs!

Along with the excitement is the stress. I've known Ian was no great planner, but luckily we have Greg (Ian's dad) & cheryl (ebe's mum) to help keep us creative and functional (plus the supporting, never-ending love of kelly & david). Invites are almost out (almost!) and final payments are going down. We feel lucky we are able to have the support that we do and plan such a surprising and awesome event. (hint hint- Surprises!)

Dress has been purchased. No idea what bridesmaids are wearing. Need basics like Ian's suit, ebe's shoes, and wedding paty gifts. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All the stress, all the planning- it is super exciting as this is the one event most people go through that is a real extension of yourself- and yourself as part of a couple. Even more complicated! We hope to respect everyone's hopes & ideals for this event and to offer each & every guest a good time. And honestly, everyone having a good time is the thing I am least worried about. Check it out folks! Guaranteed good time October 17th! So glad you are coming. We really cannot wait to see you.

Awesome Engagement Party

So, this last weekend Ebe and I headed to the heated city of Yakima for an awesome Engagement Party. When we got there my dad and Andy had the whole place looking amazing. The backyard looked like something that could pass for the garden of Eden, minus all the gnomes and battery powered candles!

It turned out to be quite the show. It was really nice to see everyone that came out, even though it seems we had so little time to chat. I think it was a nice run through before the wedding. Now we have an idea of how to do the party mingle and try and spend time with all the guests!!!

We really did have a truly great night, even though I had to touch some nasty man feet.... Voldemort toe and all! We really appreciate everyone making it out, and of course we can't thank my dad enough for the awesome engagement party... a perfect prelude to the Awesome Wedding!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happening so fast!

I can't believe how fast everything is happening! Every day I am working on silly details, well, they would be silly to anyone else.

Centering the RSVP card.
What 4 side dishes to choose?
What glass rental company to go with?
Should Fritz be in the wedding? (Just joking Greg- that demon dog isn't getting anywhere near the wedding day!)

And on Saturday is the engagement party? A surprise to us as well, we are now really looking forward to seeing people before the wedding and enjoying everyone's company. And really, who doesn't like a year of celebrations?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Proposal - Tower Bridge in London

A few months after relocating to Berlin, we were ready to stretch our legs and try another foreign country - England! The craziest thing was something I knew nothing about...

To facilitate all our London dreams we had purchased a one-day London Pass which allowed for free access into many attractions, but only for one day. Thus, a strategy was needed: See everything FAST!

The Plan:

Hit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre right at open, take the Tube over to the Winston Churchill Museum War Rooms, make brass rubbings beneath a church, ride over to the Tower of London and explore the grounds, then finish off with a view of the city at Tower Bridge- Break!

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

First- the theatre! Though the Original Globe burned to the ground in 1613, this theatre is a pretty close replica on the exact same spot. Our tour guide- Annette- was amazing & gave a great low-down of the dirty, dark past.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ian Takes on Wedding Prep

so we have less than four months to the big day. How do I feel you may ask? Well, I must say that I'm super excited.

It will be great to finally make everything official, and I couldn't be happier than having Ebe as my wife.

As you may expect, there are still many things to get done. Many large decisions have been made, but all those tiny little things are what really is tricky.

My goal for the next coming week or so is to get an idea of what kind of suit I want to wear at the wedding. I say nay to the cumberbund. Maybe if I were still sporting my faux-mullet. No, I think a nice snazzy suit will do the trick. How cool would it be to have some nice colorful kicks with it as well?

I also need to get our "holy man" ordained. Shouldn't be too much more than a few clicks of the mouse and twenty bucks or so from the ol' bank account.

I also need to get everything finalized with our photographer for the wedding. We really lucked out, and Andy's brother-in-law Craig agreed to take pictures for us. We need to set up a little meeting-poo with him and discuss what we expect, and likewise from him.

So, that's about it for now... that and work. And having fun in the sun. Let's hope this weather keeps up until October 17th! See you at the ballroom!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another View of Amazing

Jerry continues to amaze us as he graciously allowed us to visit for the third time with Ian's parents this time. They were blown away by the funky beauty of the place. It is full of surprises and little pieces of fun that are (hopefully) all going to come together to make a truly amazing, completely different, wildly entertaining event.
Get ready...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


One of my favorite wedsites,, says Save-the dates (or STD's) are from "a simpler time" when STD stood for nothing more sinister then the price of postage.

We are currently working on ours, which is a little crazy since invites are coming up fast. Mum has graciously designed an evite for us, and we are also putting together a fun postcard (hopefully). We have heard so many cool ideas and have a lot of creative juices to let loose.

Let the first signs of awesome wedding shine!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's time!

5 years and 6 months after we officially declared we were dating, we now declare that we are getting married!

October 17th, 2009 is the day. And a glorious day it will be. The venue is perfect, the plans are laid, and most importantly- we are still in love! It is time to get my best friend, my braclet buddy, my travel manager, my cat trainer, my valet, the bestest Ian Porter there ever was or will be. And, (word of the wedding)it's gonna be awesome.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008