Where We Been, Where We're Going

One of the defining elements of our life is our compulsive traveling. I get irritable if we don't ride in a train, plane or automobile on the regular.

On the back of our door, we have our very first Rick Steves Europe map and we have faithfully marked off our stops with a red star. Few things make me happier than grabbing that red pen and marking it down (goal for this year, and every year).

I am working on making more helpful posts for fellow travelers, including our highly unprofessional ratings posts. Below I've listed most of the places we've been, some with helpful reviews! (I know - bad writer!)

Where We've Been





 Czech Republic








The Netherlands










*Latest review has been bolded.

Where We Want to Go

...and what is a list of destinations, without a dream list of where to go next? Admittedly this is a super random grab-bag of destinations, but we can probably go to all these places in a lifetime...right?

Pinterest travel porn is a serious addiction: Gotta Go



~ cheryl said...

Great lists - make me have a tad of wanderlust myself! You have Bratislava, Slovakia on both lists - and I know you've been there, cuz we were there with you!! You also list Dresden as a destination, but I know you've been there, too! Obviously these are all places you've been together, as you're missing Kentucky, Texas and Idaho. What about Oregon? Hope you get to see many more of these places!!

Frau Dietz said...

Excellent lists! Although I have such itchy feet right now I probably shouldn't be looking at things like this ;)

I was just puzzling over why you'd choose Bangalore out of everywhere in the whole of India and also Malaga, which as I understand it you will discover to be full of drunk sunburnt Brits vomiting in the street (*proud*) when I noticed Wiesbaden on the list... clicked on it... and it's a link to me! Yay! Thanks :)

...I really should get around to blogging again sometime :S

Eileen said...

Impressive! Go to Taipei, Taiwan. It is so worth it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the notes all - some serious whoopsies! I try to be organized in my private blogging life, but am clearly only half-succeeding there.

And always inspired by your stories and advice Frau Dietz! Agreed, Bangalore does appear quite random and is far from the only place I'd like to visit in India. Random list madness!

Good tip Eileen. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and it is definitely a testament to all that Taipei has to offer.

John said...

May just kindly ask, why the bloody hell Abisko? I can easily think of 50 locations in Sweden more worthy of your time. You really need to see Medieval Visby on Gotland, then travel north to Fårö to the rock-club-in-a-barn Kuten. Seriously. Do this even before Stockholm (which is my birth town, and I will always love - but still).

Unknown said...

@John Abisko looks like a beautiful middle-of-nowhere. Thanks for your suggestions - I am clearly open to traveling anywhere and these places sound lovely!

Tata Nat said...

This is "PerpignAn", not Perpignon ^^But still, good travel, well done :)

Unknown said...

Whoops - thanks Tata Nat! Clearly, my French is non-existent. Corrected :)

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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