Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rate the Danes

Along with more pics of beautiful Copenhagen...

Copenhagen  Crest
Copenhagen Crest

Copenhagen theme park Disney
Tivoli Gardens
Porters in flight

Porters on the prowl

Copenhagne City Hall Denmark

...we have some ratings from 3, awesome independent visitors - us. A bit about your reviewers:

Greg recently turned 50, Father/-in-law from Eastern Washington. He likes gardening, fine wine, and demon dog named Fritz.

Ian is a 28-year-old lover of the German language, kitty cats, manly beers, and manly beards. He likes making up new words in German that Germans claim to not understand and landing safely.

ebe is an expat writer, beverage connoisseur, and increasingly technology dependent individual. I miss my cats Bellatrix & Sternburg, my horse Houston, Seattle...and oh yeah- my family. (Just kidding mum!)

Ratings will be done in herring. These are the opinions of our fine raters in not any official capacity.

Transportation in Copenhagen

3 Herrings - Compared to Berlin, not as user friendly.

3 Herrings - Very walkable city with transportation there when you need it. Only drawback is that pricy ticket. And only one hour?! Wooooooo!

3 Herrings - A single 1 hour ticket was about 4 euros- ouch! We came in through a bizarre entrance, but system seems quite clean and spans the area nicely. Also - a point for having a train station that is located in the center of town.

Accommodations in Copenhagen


3 Herrings - Lovely pool & sauna. Nice buffet. Room was a tad small and shower and bathroom light were hard to figure out.

4 Herrings - Nice room, klein aber fein. Awesome pool area & access to central station. I thought it was a nice hotel, considering I didn't pay for it!

4 Herrings - Lots of options for ok prices considering the cost of living. Tivoli Hotel had a fancy pool, ok view of waterfront, an expensive but delicious breakfast buffet, and an avante garde theme. BUT a bunch of tourists and the awful Harlequin boy & girl dressed up like the mascot- not so awesome. Also- further from station & Tivoli Gardens then I thought it would be.

Sights in Copenhagen

4.5  Herrings - Incredible gardens at Palace. lovely way to spend your 50th, with someone you love. 

3.5 Herrings - Absolutely love the architecture- spires are something from Super Mario.Not a lot of must-sees, but the town is the sight.

4 Herrings - Quaint. And expensive. Like everything there. Christiana was pretty sick, but I think you need to know someone to make it truly enjoyable.

Dining in Copenhagen


2 Herrings - Didn't experience a lot of Denmark's cuisine, as time was short and prices were tall.

1 Herrings - 15 euros for half a sandwich? Methinks not.

2 Herrings - (Once again) Dammmmmmmmmmmmmn- Look at those prices! And while fish is not my fav, the mandatory herring dishes were excellent. But beer prices & quality were not. I did dig the 7-11 slurpee, but how is 7-11 big in Scandanavia?



3.5 Herrings - Enjoyed the visit, be it brief. Beautiful green spaces and mix of architecture. Not for the budget conscious.

3.5 Herrings - Awesome city to stroll around in and I imagine an amazing place to live, but time I see a Dane visiting Berlin I'll make sure to charge them 1.5 times normal price.

3 Herrings - Lovely city that I think is probably awesome to live in. However, on a visitors level it only gets mid-herring.

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~ cheryl said...

I think you all ate too many herrings. :)

Jack Scott said...

I visited Copenhagen in the winter many tears ago. It was so cold it chilled me to the bone. Apart from that I loved it. Great city, very walkable and with seriously laid-back and welcoming people who all spoke English. Fab!

ianandebe said...

We definitely lucked out on the weather- it was gorgeous. The spendy aspects had us down, but we can make any trip enjoyable

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008