Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tourists on the Run

It was time for the BIG TRIP TO ITALY! I was lucky enough to go on a European adventure when I was 16, and Ian and I had raced through the country on our European tour, but Mr. Greg has never been & was very excited to make it to his #1 destination in Europe. As our flight was in the afternoon, we leisurely prepared (especially after a surprisingly boozy 4th of July. Don't worry- terrible, but edited -pics will appear).

Before leaving Berlin we're all smiles

Ian got back from work around 12:30 and took a nap as I began to get nervous. By the time bags were packed & we were heading out the door, we were a little late. After errors at the print shop for our boarding passes and errors buying an extension on the U-Bahn we were really late.

We missed the first train to the airport. Starting to panic, we anxiously boarded the sweltering train. Willing it faster, we sat in tense silence for most of the ride & Greg tried to retain faith in our guide abilities. As we continued to slowly glide, we gathered by the door & gave Greg the grim estimation. We would have to run.

At 4:45 the train arrived at the airport. The gate closed at 5:00 & the flight as 5:30. One of the wonders of Ryanair that we always boast (besides the wonderful prices) is that they are almost always on time. I was cursing that as I literally sprinted toward the airport. Sweating profusely and now coughing from the run, we checked in as the German (rightfully so) tsked tsked us. We raced through security and ran to the gate. I thanked my lucky stars as a I saw the line to get into the waiting area. We made it! I don't know how, but we made it. I asked about 5 times to make sure we were in the right line and sweatily hugged Ian as the clock struck 5. We were going to Italy.

Utter relief in Bergamo
Now in Bologna, we spent a night in Bergamo (surprisingly gorgeous), Venice (expectedly awesome), and will continue to Cinque Terre after this. Pics & ratings to follow....

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008