Saturday, October 1, 2011


Continuing on our long drawn out story of our road trip through Cologne, Belgium, and France....

Wilkommen Herrieden On the car ride back to Berlin from France we took a break in some of the cute German cities that aren't so prominent up in our NorthEast corner.

First stop:

This town is well known among American military men of a certain age because of the nearby base. The base is still there, but getting smaller every year. Ian's dad was not a military man (the idea of Greg in gear is pretty funny), but his brother was. Greg was lucky enough to spend a few months riding his bicycle, drinking apfelsaftschorle, and learning a little German. Naturally, we wanted to see this place we had heard so much about.

We arrived between lunch and dinner and there was a hardly a person around. There was farm equipment.

Herrieden, Germany

...and charm.

Franconia region of Bavaria, German

stone street Herrieden

church in Bavaria

Ave Maria!
Love the exclamation point.
The storks nest has been there since before Greg was here in the 70s

Herrieden crane germany

 We were hoping to get some food, but unlike Berlin, this city sleeps. We found a delicious looking restaurant, ordered some beers, and were promptly told they were between service, meaning no food. Better comfort ourselves with beer.

man gets little beer

Ian was the DD so he had a little titchy one and ordered me the regular .5 L. For those who haven't traveled with me, I get a wee bit mean when hungry so this was probably out of self-protection on his part. Definitely got a look from the server, me with the big beer and Ian with the little.

On the road again:

Ian standing on the autobahn


We had 2 terrible traffic incidents on this car trip. We are more the plane/train travelers, but we treated this outing a bit like a treat, doing things we don't normally do. We loved it, but driving remains one of our least favorite ways to travel.

We drove on, and stopped for the night at:

Ian had heard good things about Bamberg, or what should be officially re-named as Damnnnnnnnnnnnburg! Picture perfect around every corner with tons of home-grown breweries.

half-timbered archetecture Bamberg

Bavarian rooftops

Bavaria field

Bavarian German food
One of our best meals in Germany - EVER. We bought the mug.

Bamberg Cathedrals

Bamberg Castle

Located just outside of town, this site was easy to reach by car and  had great views back of the city.

Bavarian castle

Rose Garden in Bamberg

Bavarian rosegarten

Bavarian rosegarten

Bavarian rosegarten

More about the city, beer and attractions:

Driving Back to Berlin...

We ran into some American Mormons here who were caught off guard by Ian's American English & In-n-Out T-shirt. As soon as they asked if we heard the news - we were out!

The town is lovely. We actually can't wait to visit again. BUT we had to jump on the road to return the car. 4 hours should be more than enough time for a less than 2 hour drive - RIGHT?

More traffic. We were sweating bullets about getting the car back in time.

driving in Germany

Intense rain storm. Rainbows have to be a good sign right?
Regenbogen Berlin

Gas. Sweating. 5 minutes till the office closes

Car - badly parked

And - geschafft! We did it. It was a miracle we mad it back on time. I knocked on the window and they let us check in after closing. Berliners offering customer service! A miracle. Car, us, glorious Belgian beers back in Berlin.


Frau Dietz said...

Love the rainbow photo :)

I visited Bamburg a couple of years ago and loved it - you're right, picture perfect round every corner! Did you try the Rauchbier? So good!

Jack Scott said...

Sounds like you have a fab trip. I know what you mean about funny working hours. I went to Hamburg a few years back and is was more or less closed from midday Saturday 'til Monday morning!

ianandebe said...

We did try the Rauchbier. Tried it...but couldn't finish it. I felt like I was eating a cigar! Still lovely to have something other than pilsners.

Thanks Jack - it was wonderful. Closing times are something I am not sure if we will ever get totally used. Americans & our convenience! Not so tough here in Berlin though.

sewa elf said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008