Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Officially Visa'd

About 10 months after I arrived here in Berlin, I am officially visa'd. Hooray! But why'd it take so long?

I think I learned a valuable lesson. Do not confuse the Auslanderbehorde. They do not like confusing American writers who work for off-shore companies. Many guidelines need to be followed and rule books thumbed through. There is no room for common sense - only Rules!

The German system (from our perspective) makes no sense and it's bureaucracy is no doubt increased by the unhappy people who work there. Do they have to get a degree in hating people? As always - this is the time to preface how lucky we are to even be able to live & work here. I know its nuts trying to get into the US and we are the ones who decided to live here. Still - not so fun.

Luckily, during our appointment we bumped into the one nice woman we worked with before and everything went according to plan. Well, basically. There was some confusion about where exactly to go, awkward butting in line, and a discrepancy in the price of the visa (in our favor so we were ok with it :). BUT the most important thing - I got it. It's even quite vague allowing me to work as a writer anywhere in Germany. If I wasn't so busy & happy in my current position that would be quite enticing.

I do feel so sorry for making the process so difficult. Ian got his teaching visa (much more common in these parts) ages ago. Next time, I will just lie & apply for the teaching visa. Just kidding kids, don't do that.

Berlin visa
Visa what!

(But seriously - do that. )

Want to hear more about stamps & frustration at the Ausländerbehörde? 


Mandi said...

Love the picture! Personally, I always feel like celebrating whenever I renew my visa to stay longer -- it's a serious accomplishment!

~ cheryl said...

So glad you finally got a visa - and so glad the officials didn't see this photo!!

Adam G said...

Ah! I know what you're going through. I've been to the office at least 3 times now and still don't have the visa I'm applying for. I'm hoping it will all finally get sorted at my next appointment!


ianandebe said...

Thanks y'all. It is a relief to finally have it. Too bad it is just a temporary reprieve as it is almost time to make an appointment for Ian's extension. Here we go again...

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008