Sunday, September 25, 2011

Observations for the Kita, part cuatro

Once again, it is time for Observations from the Kita and Ian is home being lazy. This time it is because the school is giving him time off, but same difference.  Lazy.

This week Ian and the kids visited another playground so Big News! for the Kita. In case you haven't seen the vast majority of European playgrounds- they are crazy dangerous. Huge metal disks they are supposed to run on, unsecured bridges, and giant ridged gerbil wheels. They are nuts! I appreciate the German sense of personal responsibility and worry maybe we have fallen into the trappings of nervous nelly parents that grips so many American parents- but c'mon! The 2 year old trampolining into the metal siding is a bit much.

Back to Ian's kids:

  • At the new playground, Ian "helped" the kids use the spinning wheel of Death. He would help them  onto the wheel and spin them until they got off and fell over. Bad teacher!
  • A huge slide scared the oldest kid so Ian went down the kiddie slide with him.
  • Levy has been taught to give the fist bump
  • Ian was playing soccer with the kids and hit one of the other teachers on the arm. She was not amused.
  • Darius & Joshua use Ian as muscle. They take him over to a kid using a toy they want & tell him to get it for them. Especially the tractor, everyone wants the tractor
  • Ian has come to realize the swings are like a bar. If no one is at the swing - no one wants to swing. But if they are full, everyone wants to swing. 
  • Toby rules the sandbox. As the resident collector, he will gather all the shovels and cry if anyone takes one.
  • Most the kids are still mid-potty training. Taking some boys into the bathroom they dropped their pants a good 10 ft to building
  • Playing a game with an afternoon class, one little girl had trouble with the words "little fish" and changed them to "dick fish". Teach that English Ian!
  • In this same game, little Andre is desperate to be caught & be a big fish. This is a problem because no one wants to catch him.


Anonymous said...

Love the bullet point summary. Funny stuff.

ianandebe said...

Thanks so much! When Ian comes home with the stories of torture from the Kita I feel obliged to share them.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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