Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where my Ghouls at?

I LOVE Halloween. As in LOVE!!!

Far and away my favorite holiday, I love the silly, spooky character of the season. Not yet into the mushiness of family time and fresh in the "holiday season", Halloween is all sorts of awesome.

I have fond memories of past outfits and tasty treats. What- You'd like to see some costumes & treats? No problem!

Video Game Halloween costume
Princess Peach & Mario
Pirate Costume
Pirates. Arrrr!!!!!!!!
Fairytale Halloween
Ledehosen & dirndl double for Hänsel und Gretel
For work Halloween I wore the Lederhosen. A bit large
1950s couple costume
Halloween just after our wedding = 1950s housewife & husband, complete with black eye, pipe, and bottle of xanax
Halloween Costume Simpsons
Young Homer

Marge Simpson Halloween
Marge Simpson
 I also love working on creepy treats. My most successful was Devil Eyes -  a spin off of deviled eggs. Tasty & delightful!

Unfortunately, friends can be hard to convince to dress in costume as we grow older. They are also not as easily amused by scary movies, pumpkin carving, and caramel apples. Berlin seems similarly nonplussed. Sure there are clubs listed as having Halloween parties, but they are missing the sheer goofiness of the holiday with girls dressed as sexy nurse, sexy cat, sexy Osama Bin Laden (yes, really).   
I am still trying to champion a serious Halloween extravaganza, but worse case it will be me, Ian, some fake spiderwebs, apple cider, jack-o-lanterns, and a scary movie. Actually, that sounds kinda great.

For more festivities, in Berlin and beyond - refer to our  "Festival" section on 


Morgenmuffel said...

Oh my, that Sexy Osama costume had me in stiches. Love your Simpsons get up too, can't wait to see your pics from this year :)

Spudnik said...

Next year we should get together and have a BIG shindig! With an ozone-burning bonfire, scary costumes, monster hits and of course BEEEEERRRR!!!

Unknown said...

Yes. Yes! yes. We should combine our expat power and really put together a party...and a bonfire.

Now I just got to find my picture uploader coming

Spudnik said...

Great! I'll try find out the legal implications of bonfires and all that. Obviously there's no rush just yet...

Kyla said...

on to the next holiday! wanna do an expat thanksgiving?

Unknown said...

YES Kyla- We have a standing date at Salamas. Everyone brings a sidedish & we order halb hähnchen for everyone. Plus- annoying drunks and football, just like home

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008