Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Recipe: Devil{ed} Eggs

Almost my favorite time of year:

My (soon to be world famous) Devil{ed} Eggs are just one of my favorite elements of Halloween. It's composed of one of my favorite foods (eggs) and fall recipes (deviled eggs).

These hard boiled eggs are split in half and topped with a whipped yolk topping like a traditional deviled egg, but they are spooked up by creating a bloodshot appearance to the egg and making the yolk spicy with a jalapeno or olive for the pupil. Tada! Bloodshot eyes appetizer. They are a tasty party treat with a little bit of eww. Ideal for Halloween.

Step 2 & 3

Step 1

Hard boil eggs for about 9 min.

Step 2

Crack the shells slightly without taking off the shell.

Step 3

Add a splash of vinegar & red food dye til the water appears quite red. Let set for 30ish minutes. Fill the time by watching Nostalgia Chick's episode of Hocus Pocus and plotting your costume.

Step 4

Remove eggs from water and peel. Feel free to get your hands dye-y so they turn blood red. It is Halloween after all.

Step 5

Admire the bloodshot appearance of the egg. So gross and fun!

Step 5

Step 6

Cut eggs in half & remove yolk to separate bowl. Mix yolk with mayo, mustard, horseradish, chili powder, paprika and hot sauce. (I like mine spicy, but if you just mix mayo with yolk you'll get the same look.)
Step 6

Step 7

Top bloodshot egg whites with yolk mix, pinch of paprika, and an olive or chili for the pupil.


Viola! A masterpiece of Halloween witchery.

I brought these to my work for a potluck and people dug in! I also made them in Berlin and was surprised to find that the English don't do deviled eggs. What a tragedy! But these were English approved so no matter your nationality, Devil{ed} Eggs are the perfect Halloween party dish.

More rando costumes right here: Where my Ghouls at?

Anyone out there have a Halloween recipe to share?

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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