Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Going to Miss this Place...

...the time is finally nigh - we're home in the States! No, not permanently. Don't be crazy Berlin, you haven't gotten rid of us yet. But we have returned to Seattle for a visit. We love Berlin, but we also really MISSED HOME (you like that parents?).

airport sunrise
Tegel Airport

Berlin - Amsterdam 1.20 hr
3 hour layover
Amsterdam - Seattle 10.10 hr.

Green Airport
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

airport travel

 After almost a day of flying - we were home. It was crazy slipping back into Northwest living so seamlessly.  Construction and development changed some landscape, but overall the city looks the same. Our family and friends have moved along, but not too far. We could just go back to Seattle life like that. And what a life....

Porter Family
Deli salami
American burger
Red Mill Burger

Northwest beach
Alki Beach
Seattle attraction
Space Needle

Ferris Wheel Washington
Great Wheel

It's funny - being an expat. You are never really home again, are you? Because what is home? I think we're lucky that we have only two-ish places to call home. Washington State (Seattle, Snohomish, and Yakima) are all places that we're from, but Berlin is the only life we've led abroad. Conducting expat interviews,  I read people's stories of expating 5, 10, 20 times. It seems as if you would leave a little piece of yourself in each place. And one of the hardest parts of having multiple "homes" is that you always have to say good-bye.

Now from people who can explain the meaning of "home" infinitely better than I....

Emily Dickinson home quote

quote Seattle carousel

Seattle waterfront

Seattle graffiti

For now, we will just enjoy the feeling of being home - whatever that is.

More Seattle loving pics...


Kyla said...

looks great! both the food and the landscape. I'm so excited to spend a little time back in the PNW. I will keep you updated about coming to Ian's dirty thirty - but there's a very high chance we'll have to put it off until we're all back in the big B. oh well - 2 bar crawls in two different countries never hurt anyone... maybe we could even rent a beer bike...

Anonymous said...

I really like Seattle. I may be from Boston, but I can't blame you. Awesome city!

~ cheryl said...

Loved this post!! Not only because I'm your mum and in Snohomish and you're home, but because of the sentiments about home and what it means. My home can be wherever you are. Love you!!

Unknown said...

Too bad we couldn't meet-up on "home" turf Kyla, but maybe the earth would have exploded.

Seattle is pretty great We still need to get to Boston!

Mum - I miss you already...

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008