Saturday, December 11, 2010

Perfect Strangers

We sat down for a quick meal off the U-Bahn last night and Ian quickly realized we had waited too long. I was becoming bitch ebe. HUNGRY. As I grumpily waited for food to arrive -oh, side note-

(Gorgonzola pasta? I have been seeing it everywhere and finally ordered it here. Served with spinach, it was earthy and creamy but lacking...something. Glad I tried it, but might not oder again )

a family sat next to us. Immeaditly they all plugged into 2 computers, phone, and ipod. Also ordered in English, but not Americans. We can recognize our own whiny pitch 2 U-Bahn cars away. We covertly watched them, and apparently they were watching us too. The husband looked over and asked "how do you spell busy?" We'd been caught out- English speakers!

Janna, Mladen, & son Elliot turned out to be Swedish and exceptionaly interesting. They are a theatre family and live in their theatre in Southern Sweden. The building is gorgeous, apparently an old school house. They claim it is the southern most theatre in Sweden. They are down for the weekend enjoying Berlin & having some meetings with theatre folk. They have travelled to such far-off places as Timbuktu. Seriously- Timbuktu with sand and camels. Janna said they had to chase camels off the space so they could perform "The Little Prince". And Elliot goes with them everywhere- lucky kid.

If you are ever in Sweden, Ian & I are already scheming, take the time to find them and their theatre, Teater Kapija.

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~ cheryl said...

What a super cool encounter - - know this is the sort of thing that makes everyday life worthwhile for you and am so glad you share these stories. So, now you're thinking of visiting Sweden, eh? As for gorgonzola pasta - sorry this time it was lacking, try try it again elsewhere, it is truly a salty, rich, wonderful taste.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008