Sunday, April 17, 2011

Booking Activities in England

We re-focused, got our shit together, and are almost ready for England. Kinda.

We discovered Groupon UK which people have been onto for eons and it is saving us loads of money. We are going to Sandown Park for jump racing for 19 pounds - which includes entrance into the premier section, 10 pound food voucher, and a 2 pound bet. Sounds like a dream date to me. Nice try wooing me Ian, I'm already your wife! Sucker.

We have also come upon some fascinating booking options. First, our booking for Hamlet at the Globe Theatre on Easter:

Has to be a joke, but we were dying to pit Baroness, Colonel, or Princess Ian for our title.
Then again, maybe it's not a joke. Europeans in general are obsessed with title (see Royal Wedding). In Germany, it is correct to use every title a person holds, like:
"Good evening Herr Professor Doktor Schmidt!"

Another encounter we have had in booking is investigating how to get to Sandown Park- the racetrack. Our poor asses will be heading there by the cheapest means possible. The very helpful website also included the most expensive, by helicopter:

Oh England, I can't wait to become better acquainted.

Really crazy excited about the horse racing. There is barely anything but flat Thoroughbred racing in the States (which I love) but man, oh man I can't wait for this. Count how many times a riderless horse is in the top 3:

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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