Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Badeschiff : Swimming in a barge in the Spree

Badeschiff is one of my favorite things in the city. I can't NOT swim as soon as the temperature raises above 50 degrees F (many a chilly swims in the Seattle Sound). And Berlin actually gets hot!....sometimes. While there are a plethora of lakes, this is the only way to swim in the river Spree.

swim pool in Berlin

If you weren't sure, yes - the place is crawling with the hip. And boobies. And even a couple of dongs. I love that Germans aren't embarrassed to get down to business and change a suit.

cold summer in Berlin

Plus the area around it is a fascinating assortment of clubs/artists work space/ and occasional market. It's got the Kreuzberg vibe down pat.

Even when the weather isn't so nice out, the place is great for standing in some sand and having a slightly overpriced priced beer while gazing at Friedrichshain, the Oberbaumbrücke, and Molecule Man. There are several dance spaces within that offer warehouse setting with hip hop remix, electronic, and anything else you can dance to for the regular price of admission. This is the low key club trip I can handle.

Railcar Bathroom - bring your own tissue!

beach club Berlin
Badeschiff Bar


TELEFON: 01578. 594 77 13 (falls keiner ran geht, ist geschlossen - Typical Berlin, "If it keeps ringing, it's closed. ) 
Directions & maps: Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin
Admission: 5 Euro (Schüler/ Studenten: 3 Euro; Kinder bis 14 Jahre: 1,50 Euro)

It is not allowed to bring your own food and / or beverages (even water bottles)
Listing of events:

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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