Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Berlin Gift Guide

After such a long wait to Thanksgiving and a bit of a stressful last few months I CANNOT believe it is almost Christmas. Less than a week to the big day, I am daydreaming about some of my best Berlin-related gifts as well as new things to covet.

Here are my Top 6 Berlin gift ideas.

My mom has taken on a very clever habit of watching what I pin to pinterest and buying my gifts from there. This has resulted in both of us being very happy, like when I received this metallic BVG map bracelet.

Though the company is based in the States, there are items that feature maps from New York, London, Chicago, Paris, and Milan. At $37, they aren't cheap, but they are quality. Plus - it hasn't failed to garner compliments every time I wear it.


Berlin Germany gifts
Bellatrix may not be impressed, but we are.

If you are going to grocery shop in Berlin, you better have a good bag. Our best cotton bags are on their last legs, so when we saw these cotton bags at the BVG office in Alexanderplatz - sold! Clearly, we have a thing for maps.

Dolores Gift Card

Mexican restaurant in Berlin Germany

Is there anyone who doesn't love Delores in this city? Serving inexpensive Mission-style burritos, this isn't real Mexican food but it is real delicious.

Scratch-off Map


Replacing our red dot map, this thing is the bees knees. We love tracking our adventures and clearly we aren't alone. Scratch off each destination until the whole world is clear.

I Like Paper's Watches, Wallets & More

So, I am interning and it is a bit grueling and light on the rewards. However, there are rewards, like finding out about this badass company based in Berlin.

My fellow intern visited their workshop for a write-up and they really have an amazing set of designs that they print on all sorts of products. Ian is eying the Lost in Berlin (maps!) designs, but I think I am partial to the Bitch Wedding Packman design posted above.'s Fernsehturm Ornament

Berlin Germany gifts

Map mania strikes again! Wandering the Christmas market of Alt-Rixdorf, we saw these charming Fernsehturm key chains and decided we really shouldn't spend the money. Then we looked at the map and saw it was of our street. It was fate - we had to buy it.

There are a lot of gift lists floating around - do you have a favorite? What Berlin gift is your best?


Fede said...

Shit! I noticed this post too late! It would have spared me a lot of stress!

Thefourthcontinent said...

Love the gifts! Berlin seems to have everything artsy and cool =) I actually got a gift from Berlin for Christmas - a scarf that can be worn in many ways. Really nice =)

ebe porter said...

Happy to help with suggestions! What gift were you struggling with Fede?

Scarf sounds lovely Thefourthcontinent! Berliners love their neckware.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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