Friday, January 21, 2011

Ian Encounters a Gypsy Family at the Penny Markt

Ian doesn't know how to put pen to paper, (or finger to keyboard in this case), but every day he comes home & tells me funny stories. For example.....

A Stop at the Penny markt before Home

"....I just knew something wasn't right. Everywhere I turned there was this gypsy family. A mom, a dad, a bunch of kids, two grown kids...they were all over the store. The mother looked like a gypsy babushka! Finally I get what I need and I am waiting in line listening to my ipod. The father comes to the line and stands right in front of me. I'm thinking "Don't make me do this! I hate doing this." But I had to do it- "The line starts back there." He moved back in line where his wife was already waiting (back-up plan for getting caught?) with the other 7 people of their family. Can't anyone wait outside?

I see that the cashier is eying the family and she calls for Frau Meier. I noticed and hit pause on my ipod- click! Let's watch this shitshow unfold. Turns out the that lovely mother had stolen something from the store within the last 24 hours, and being the genius she is, had come back again with her whole family. I don't know if you know Frau Meier, but she wasn't having this shit. She yelled at the woman to get out, the gypsy's yelled back, the security guard is by the door twiddling his thumbs, and Frau Meier gets ready to brawl with babushka & two of her daughters.

Finally the security guard approaches and the family is escorted outside, with the husband left inside to buy the sausages. Yes- he was buying sausage. As I proceed with my purchase, another women tells me "Gotta love the penny markt!" "

Well done Ian. And he got asked for directions again yesterday. Mark that at 11.

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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