Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick Bed

On Friday Ian started feeling sick AGAIN. Those are some dirty little kids he teaches as this is the third time since we've been here.

Some friends wanted to hang out that night, just a quiet little get together, not too late- which sounded perfect. After a few drinks....we went to a dance club and danced and danced till the wee morning hours. Then we randomly went back to our friends house. Which lies in the opposite direction from our house. And took shots. Emergency sleep over. BAD IDEA.

Our usual "sick day" routine
Saturday was a bad day. In misery we glared at one another on the couch demanding the other make something to eat. Sunday wasn't much better. Monday...was the worst. This was the sick day to end all sick days. Usually we would call out sick to eat a sandwich at a specialty place in Pioneer Square or because it was sunny (gasp!) in Seattle.

We woke up and slept until 2pm. Then we sat on the couch some more and watched: Piranhas, Simpsons, The Town, Jersey Shore, Amazing Race, Boardwalk Empire, Louie, GoodFellas, Real Housewives, and so many more gems. Obviously this was time well spent, but we needed to get better.

Today we finally felt well enough to venture out. I praise Indian food with giving me back my soul. Jogi tea, soup, lamb subji, and naan. Thank you Kashmir! A trip to the library and grocery to re-stock on supplies and we're home again. 

We really need to rest up. No, not for work (although that too, now that you mention it)! The next few nights are busy ones as we are going to see David Sedaris tomorrow, St. Paddy's celebrations with the Irish on Thursday, and Roller Derby on Friday. So, too bad about missing work, but now we have fun stuff to do. 


We really are alive, although from pics of our outing to the library you can see how happy Ian is about it. 
Bezirkszentralbibliothek Frankfurter Allee
Beautiful Library with nonsense entrance covered in pebbles. Es macht kein Sinn!

Across from the library, lovely Soviet design.

Angry Ian doesn't like being out of bed.

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008