Sunday, December 25, 2011

Love, Photos, & Christmas Cheer

Our photo advent calendar for our p's has become a grotesque thing of beauty. We've enjoyed  showing our culinary accomplishments (sugar cookies), showcased our Berlin life (kita Christmas pageant), and showed our decorating skills (Axis of Evil member adorns our tree).

Since we couldn't be with them this Christmas, we hopefully made them smile and laugh at least once a day.

Day 17:

Snowman were swiftly created, just to get into a food fight. We finished them off.

Day 18:

We are applying for our 1st real (ie not a sublet) apartment! Excitement has led to a lot of emotions, including extreme frustration at assembling our documents (Germans & their "papers"!). Here we are trying to get out Schufa (credit report) that is open on Saturday, but not offering the Schufa on the weekend. Merry Christmas.

Day 19:

Our Sunday night ritual of American Football at Salamas was jolly'd up by a photo of the three of us.

Day 20:

Always forget about Potsdamer Platz until we want to watch a mainstream movie in English and then viola! - Potsdamer Platz. Gaudy & jaunty, the lego sculpture and mega chandelier fit the space. Ian got into the spirit driving the sleigh with Santa.
(p.s. We saw Carnage & though critiques have declared it inferior to the play, I didn't get to see the play and will watch these 4 actors in practically anything.)

Day 21:

Reused our hipster pic to make: Hipster Christmas!

Day 22:

Bringing out the merry in Berlin. Merry Christmas! (For real this time, note the exclamation point)

Day 23:

Our celebration this year mainly consisted of a giant meal. Deviled eggs, scallop potatos, stuffing, pumpkin soup, garlic pull apart, AND steak & scallops. This took some shopping.

Day 24:

Even though we are completely NOT religious, Ian's dad suggested we go to the cathedral (Berliner Dom) midnight of the 24th. It was magic and it has been a tradition ever since.
(Yes, I see the similarity to day 22's pic. This is a go to pose for us)

Day 25:

And finally, a glimpse of the markets on Christmas Day. We're lucky to be here in Germany, the land of Christmas. But we do miss our families desperately and can't wait to give them a real hug back home in Washington and celebrate a family Christmas later this Winter.  
(That's right folks! We're coming to home to Seattle in just a few short months. More details to be realeased soon.)


Frohe Weihnachten!

....and onto Paris!

Advent Calendar:


~ cheryl said...

Love you guys so much and miss you so much more! Thank you for the advent calendar. Never have we received such a personalized gift that meant so much. You're both so special - and we mean that in all the definitions of "special" hahaha! Merry Christmas you Berliners!

Kelly said...

Love all the pics & especially of my precious kids.I hope you had a fantastic Christmas & I can't wait until I can see you in the flesh!Have a great Paris vacay.Love the stashes!!!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008