Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Plan of Attack on Paris

When we plan (aka fall into an internet sink hole) for travel to places like Bratislava, Reykjavik , Polignano a Mare, Italy, Sighişoara, and Ljubljana - any resource is a good resource.

Researching our xmas gift to each other - a trip to Paris - is different. Much written about, photographed, and waxed on about lyrically, everyone and their mother has advice on Paris. And we have our own thoughts as well. I had one day in Paris on my month long high-school-group-adventure back in the day, and Ian & I spent 2 nights there on our month-long traipse around Europe in 2008. We are crazy excited to go back.

Onto what we have used to prepare for the trip.


Airfare from Berlin - Paris is gloriously & regularly cheap at around 100 euro per person (can be as low as 80). We spend a lot of time on discount airlines (will fly for free!)  and are straight up ecstatic to be flying a "real" airline, AirFrance. Do they feed you on an 1.5 hour flight?

We use: Hipmunk, Skyscanner & Kayak to find cheap places to fly to, track prices, and book flights (usually buy through Kayak).

paris Metro


I am scared to say our hostel days might be behind us. It's not just that we are getting older (we are), as a couple, a hostel is often a dumb idea. Don't get us wrong, we travel on the cheap and have stayed in many a hostel. We even stayed in 2 A&O in Berlin before we had a place to live (it sucked - don't do it). But when you are a twosome, hostels mean
  • Seperate beds
  • Dorm rooms with loud roommates that may only be there to party (you may be too)
  • Prices similar to that of a cheap double room, B&B, or pension (really - add it up)
Hence, not always a good idea.

We like having our own space and a kitchen, even if we just eat breakfast there. Thus- we are transitioning to renting private apartments. We've rented apartments here in Berlin through Craigslist, but is generally safer to rent through one of the many companies that link reviewed and verified members. I wrote an article for EasyExpat listing options in "The Hotel Alternative".

We use: We've had great luck finding great deals & good places through AirBnB. We used this service in London & Budapest. Hopefully we will have good things to say about our experience in Paris (Daumen drücken)


The two things we do when touring are WALK & EAT. A lot. So having some references for where to eat is vital. (Don't worry folks who know us, I am sure Ian will stay take me on a miserable death march).

We use:


What don't we want to see in Paris?

We use:

We'll see how well these resources serve us & report back. Have tips for us? Please share! We leave in 4 days....

Paris overview night

Museum Paris

Louvre Paris


How'd it go? It's Paris. It was magic.

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008