Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's just not quite Christmas without Family

Doesn't it always seem like warp speed toward Christmas, followed by an utter melt down in January? With our trip to Paris, harrowing apartment hunt, and plans to return home, it's easy to forget about the German Christmas magic that swept us off our feet not so long ago.

Here are the pictures of Christmas I didn't share in our Christmas Advent Calendar Count - Down


Weihnachtsmarkt vor dem Roten Rathaus

santa sleigh ride Germany

Santa sleigh ride Germany

ice skating Germany

Ferris Wheel Germany
Ian's class

Christmas tree Berlin Germany
Our little Christmas tree in our Neukoelln flat

Potsdamer Platz

Treats - chocolate covered pretzels and gummi bears

Christmas Meal - Surf & Turf
Lebkuchen (anyone know a more specific name?)

Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin Christmas Germany
Christmas Day
Yeah, it was gorgeous. But looking at these pictures also makes me a little sad. It's another Christmas away from home and we miss our friends, family, and city oh so much. And to make matters worse, today is my mum's birthday. The most wonderful, supportive, funny and all around awesome mum I could ever have - it's the hardest thing about being away. 

Conducting the Expat Interviews for BlogExpat is one of my favorite parts of the job and offers enlightenment into what other expats are missing. Among my favorites:
  • Mexican Food (yes - we're not the only ones!)
  • Decent supermarkets with a selection of mustard (lady in Doha)
  • Reliable Postal Service 
  • Chicken wings
  • Good Chocolate 
  • Jon Stewart
  • Convenience (all Americans seem to mention a verison of this)
  • Speedy Internet
  • Sushi
  • American/South African/Dutch/British Humor
 But far and away, what absolutely everyone mentions - their Friends & Family.  I don't know how people expated before skype, e-mail, and Facebook. It sounds like an eleborate form of self-torture.

Even with all this beauty & joy, it's just not Christmas without you mum & dad.


Kelly said...

Christmas time looks beautiful there,hope to experience it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Ciao! Looks nice! What are those heart-shaped cakes with writing on them in picture 15? I think we have something similar in Sud Tirol (the Germany-ish area of Italy). Are they like gingerbread?

Unknown said...

Thanks Kelly - us too!

I think the cookies are just called "Lebkuchen" - basically gingerbread, but much different tasting than the States. Anyone else know a more exact term for this type of cookie?

Germany has spawned many a Christmas tradition for places around the globe, so I wouldn't be surprised if Tirol is much the same. We went to a market in England thinking it would be an English market. Nope - just a crummy German imitation. :)

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008