Saturday, March 31, 2012

8 Things We Didn't Know About NYC

  1. That subway is nuts! Wait- you really CAN go through connecting subway doors, even when it's running? I thought that was movie magic. Apparently it's real...and crazy.
  2. New yorkers are NiceJust as in Paris, we suspected the "rude New York attitude" was probably more myth than least coming from ├╝ber gruff Berlin. People held doors open, said hello/please/thank you, and were just generally pleasant. Hello America!
  3. Times Square is basically just advertising. Impressive advertising, but really just a bunch of brightly lit bilboards and tourists. I don't know what exactly I expected.
  4. Wicked is totally about Nazis. Wizard of Oz is a dictator, cruelly taking away the rights of his citizens (animals). He treats them as sub-human and enforces his rule through a campaign of terror (Just go with Ian on this one).
  5. NYers be dressing crazy yo. Not just "cool" (Navajo prints are so hot right now), we saw people dressed with bare legs in February, slobby sweat outfits, and heinous colors galore. This must be the outward manifestation of the inner crazy.
  6. You can go to Mood. Like, regular people, can. There is even an elevator operator! Felt like I was on Project Runway - but terrible at it. Ian and I were seriously lost. "Can you make a quilt with cotton?" "Is it bad it stretches?" "Do these colors go together?" If you're not convinced Project Runway is awesome - clip please!
  7. They really talk like that. After getting over everyone speaking American, we couldn't believe people really talked like that (we're looking at you Cherie). Craziness! Although - sadly - we did not hear "I'm walking here."
  8. You've already seen NYC. I didn't realize it, but I've been seeing the city on tv/movies my whole life. That's not to say it's not amazing to see in person or that you'll know your way around, but it's crazy how much you recognize. And watching shows set in New York is so much better now because I see it & can say "I've been there!"
If you are really friendly, you may like to see loads of picture of NYC or the best of the bunch OR 10 Things We Didn't Know About Paris.


fiona said...

I had a look at your FB photos last night and got lost in nostalgia. They're great photos. You really packed loads in to your trip. They made me really want to go back. We went pre-kids and I loved it. One day I'll go again. But looks like you two had a brilliant time. I especially loved the food photos. Yum...

ianandebe said...

Ah, thanks! We do specialize in practically killing ourselves on vacation. But it was our first time in NYC - what didn't we want to do? Hopefully you make your way back someday soon.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008