Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hühnerhaus - Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg was the first kiez (neighborhod) we lived in this time around. The apartment was a really lovely, if awkwardly arranged one bedroom with crazy high ceilings and a great view of street life out front. We moved there in November (always practical) and it was one of the snowiest winters Berlin had ever seen. Tromping 5 minutes to the Netto filled your boots with snow and made you really question if you needed that tube of toothpaste today.
Berlin winter

Nonetheless, it was such a magical time being back in Berlin, I have über fond memories of the place and the neighborhood. Not that you need a personal attachment to love Kreuzberg. It embodies diversity and it is the site of some of the best festivals. It also has one of our favorite places to eat.

Mein Gott! Best chicken in all of Berlin, hands down. I am not a fan of pulling things off the bone (I know - wussy), but I make an exception for this place. Crackling, crispy skin paired with salad, fries, or both, the side of garlic and spicy sauce are divine. You can also buy the rub they use which must be sprinkled with fairy dust it tastes so good.

cheap eats Berlin roast chicken

Even better, they just opened a sit-down restaurant just across the street from the stand.  LOVE! Excellent for warmth, free tea, and pickled vegetables on every table.

roast chicken kreuzberg

roast chicken fries pommes Berlin
Chicken Perfection in Berlin

 Skalitzer Strasse
10999 Berlin

0049 - 0172 - 617 - 75 - 83

1/2 Chicken + salat/pommes = €3.75.
1/2 chicken = €2.50

UPDATE (6/10/2012):
Prices have gone up (now 4:30 euros for 1/2 Chicken + salat/pommes)  :(  but are still manageable and they expanded their menu. Love the  new chicken burger for 2.50!

Hühnerhaus Chicken sandwich

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~ cheryl said...

Both times we've been in Berlin we were fortunate enough to have you take us to the Huhnerhaus - and it is a delicious treat. Not surprised you wrote a review of it, it is great!

Alex Butts said...

SO cheap! And I loveee half chickens here in Germany. I think I might have to come back to Berlin just for that

ebe porter said...

It is definitely a visitor must-go for us :)

And yes - so cheap! Do come to Berlin for chicken. It is totally worth it.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
ebe & ian at Yak-toberfest 2008