Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Same Bad Trip"

....says French youth on train from hell. Before boarding the train, many were told, "no reservations necessary." Upon arrival of the train, Romanians and Hungarians alike fought to gain entry first onto the train. One scared American couple were quoted as saying, "these bastards are crazy, let's go over to that one!" Alas, no relief was to be found.

After being shoved out of one compartment that was reserved, the afore mentioned couple took refuge in two seemingly open seats. They soon found out that one seat was reserved by a kind Romanian woman; however, due to her niceness, she allowed them to stay. It wasn't to last long. Crazed French rollerblading youth soon bordered the car, singing out of date American pop music and drinking beer and vodka, and started terrorizing the peace loving inhabitants of the train.

At this point, said train was completely full, and Romanian woman requested seat back. American girl sat with American boy and other nice on one seat, thanks to another nice Romanian woman scooting over. American boy was very uncomfortable. After being told by a French youth, "speak English. Same bad trip." No shit thought American couple, or no merd.

This was basically a short news clip of the train we took from Budapest to Sighisoara, except with less sleep, more angry ticket and border police, and one ridiculously hot porn star Romanian border guard... yikes! Reservations... ha, methinks yes next time.

More stops on the TRIP.....

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We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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