Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gorki Park - Russian in Berlin

Russian Food Berlin
Gorki Park in Berlin
We sat down outside Gorki Park a few weeks ago on a steamy day...only to have a burst of rain shower chase us inside. I am so glad it did. The area on the left is more of the restaurant side with the right bar side holding USSR gems. Posters, memorabilia - it was a really quirky setting. 

We had a Russian beer, Moskwa, and it came in a bad-ass glass. We asked how much the glasses were, but 6.50 was a little spendy (I know, our thriftiness is impressive). The beer itself was serviceable and added to the experience, but nothing that special.
Russian beer  

We ordered two of the more pricey lunch options at 9-12ish euro and they were presented beautifully - Beef Stroganov & dumplings. The dumplings had a variety of fillings (I liked the spinach & chicken best ), but a huge plate of them got a little one note. The stroganov was exceptional meaty goodness with a nice little green salad. Some of the meals came with a shot of vodka - almost wish we'd gotten crazy with it. All in all, not a deal, but a fun experience.

I heard they are known for their breakfasts (ah! Berlin brunch) & will have to check it out.


Russian food Pierogi

2014 Update:

A stop last Sunday proved that this is still an excellent choice. Outdoor seating on a warm October evening, borscht, rich stroganoff and - yes - more dumplings were all very pleasing.

Gorki Park

Address: Weinbergsweg 25  10119 Berlin, Germany (Mitte)
Tel: 030 4487286
Mon-Sat 9:30 am - 2 am
Sun 10 am - 2 am


cliff1976 said...

Is there a thing about Russian brunches in Berlin?

We had a great spread at Pasternak a couple years ago (

Perhaps worthy of a head-to-head competition?

And I agree: those beer glasses are bad-ass!

Unknown said...

Pasternak eh? We will have to check it out.

And I have heard about a number of Russian focused brunches, but have only seen the occasional Blini. Most seem Mediterranean themed which I'm ok with as I don't think the traditional German breakfast is so hot.

We're Back in Berlin Ja!

We're Back in Berlin Ja!
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